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We all know that the Shaiva followers never miss a chance to pacify their Lord. And the month of Shraavan is especially considered auspicious to seek Lord Shiva’s grace.

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1 Shraavan Somvar (Sawan Somvar) is an auspicious period that occurs on every Monday in the fifth Hindu month called Shraavan.

2 As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva became Neelkanth by drinking Haala hal or Kalakuta (the poison that came out of the Samudra manthan) in this month.

3 Which is why Nirahar fasting and other religious austerities are performed to please Lord Shiva.

4 Various religious practices like visiting Shiva temples or performing Yatras to pilgrimage sites, reading the Shiva Purana or simply chanting Shiva Mantras is considered favorable in Hinduism.

5 The annual pilgrimage called Kanwar / Kavad Yatra is also carried out on these Mondays to attain Shiva – Sayujya Mukti.

6 In the Konkan regions, Shivamuth (Shivamushti Vrat) is practised by offering a handful of grains to Shiva Linga.

7 This ritual is practiced by Brahmins in the Shiva temples and women for the prosperous longevity and stability of their marital life.

8 In Nepal, Shraavan Somvar Vrat is observed with a great enthusiasm, where thousands of women gather at the Pashupatinath temple to offer special Poojas of Shraavan Maas.

9 In southern regions, devotees also consider worshiping Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthik along with Shiva.

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