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Watch this video to know more about Ravivar (Sunday) Vrat and its significance.

1 Sunday also known as ‘Ravivar’ is devoted to Lord Surya that is the Sun God.

2 It is reported that the natural influence of sun on Sunday is very high.

3 Being a day for celebration, it is most suitable to hang out with friends and family.

4 The Vrat is mainly observed to overcome skin problems and diseases.

5 Sunday fasting is also observed to get blessings for new ventures.

6 This fasting includes eating only once that too before sunset. Also eating salt, oil and fried food items is avoided.

7 Devotees offer red color flowers to Surya and apply red sandalwood paste as ’tilak’ on their forehead.

8 Worshiping the Sun God removes all kinds of illnesses from ones body.

9 Many devotees also donate alms on this day in order to accomplish their desires.

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