Rites of Shraddh | Why every son should perform it ?

Rites of Shraddh | Why every son should perform it ?

The ritual of Shraddh provides the deceased ancestors energy to proceed further from the Pitru world (loka). The son performs these rites on a sacrificial and sacred fire and prays to his elders. Hindus believe that the soul of the deceased gets trapped in negative lands due to unfulfilled desires. These pending wishes of the ancestor’s soul are satisfied only when their son provides pinda and water.

It intends to return the favors of the forefathers which is regarded as worthy as repaying the debt to God. For Hindus, performing Shraddh is a part of obeying Dharma and its discipline. The ritual should be practiced with all sincerity and in harmony with one’s financial state, it satisfies everyone. If it is performed on the day of an eclipse, the son receives constant benefits.

Objectives of performing Shraddha, Providing momentum to the deceased ancestors present in the Pitru region so that they can progress to a higher sub-plane of existence, through the means of Shraddha. Satisfying wishes and desires of the souls of the deceased ancestors from ones’ family who are trapped in the negative regions due to unfulfilled desires and providing momentum for their further progress.

Importance and need of performing Shraddha, Repaying the debt to ancestors is as important as repaying the debt to God, Sages and the society. It is the duty of descendants to respect their ancestors, make donations in their name and to undertake activities that will please them. Performing Shraddha is a part of obeying Dharma, as per science of Dharma. Ancestors’ soul becomes satisfied only after receiving pinda and water from their son.

At the time of death if a person feels, ‘Shraddha is meaningless and nobody should perform Shraddha for me after my death’ and later because of Shraddha having not been performed, after his death, he experiences that, ‘I am trapped’, then at that time he would not be in a state to convey this feeling to anyone. He could become unhappy because of his wish remaining unfulfilled. Taking this point into consideration, it is absolutely necessary to perform Shraddha for every deceased person.

Benefits of performing Shraddha, The ritual of Shraddha is a sacrificial fire performed for deceased ancestors and it is sacred. The benefits derived after performing the ritual of Shraddha are mentioned in Smrutichandrika and other holy texts in the form of a verse. If the ritual of Shraddha is performed on the day of an eclipse, the host derives benefit similar to the one obtained after donating a piece of land to someone.

Importance of performing Shraddha by oneself, Ideally, the host should perform the ritual of Shraddha by himself. However, since we do not know how to perform it, we get it done through the priest (Brahmin). Nowadays, it has become difficult to get priests for performing Shraddha. As a solution to this, one can procure the holy texts that describe the ritual and learn it by heart. This text is in Sanskrit. Akin to learning other languages, one should also try and learn Sanskrit, which is considered to be God’s language. Also, it is easy to learn Sanskrit.

Although the point mentioned above is correct, considering the complexity in pronouncing certain Sanskrit words and limitation to understand the rites mentioned in the science, it may not be possible for everyone to perform the ritual as prescribed, by themselves. In such cases one can get the ritual performed through priests and if they are not available, then the ritual can be performed with the help of knowledgeable people in society. One should remember that making the ritual of shraddha is more important.

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