Tuesday – Benefits of Mangalvar Vrat

Tuesday – Benefits of Mangalvar Vrat

In India, Tuesday is usually identified as the holiest day in the week. This could be because of the fact that it dedicated to more than one God. Mangalvar Vrat or Upvaas are often observed for either Lord Hanuman or Lord Ganesha.

Commonly called as Mangalvar, this day is committed to Planet Mars called Mangal in Hindi. Astrologers believe that negativity associated with Mars can be relieved by fasting on Tuesday. Most people observe this fast continuously for 21 Tuesdays, without a break to recede these planetary influences.

People eat a single meal that includes any food made of wheat and avoids consuming salt. Tuesday fasting is notably observed by those couples who wish to have a child. It is believed that Lord Hanuman will help his devotees in overcoming difficulties in life. Especially to those people who have problems that arise from the planetary activities of Mars.

Tuesday fast vrat is meant for propitiating the planet Mars (Mangal). In a person’s kundali if Mars is weak, then he shall invite unforeseen miseries in life. Hanuman is said to be the god of Mangal planet and therefore doing puja and propitiating Hanuman shall help win the blessings of Mangal and lead a happy and prosperous life.

The family members wake up early in the morning and take oil bath in Ganga Jal. The observers of the vrat dress themselves in red color clothes. The puja place is to be cleaned with holy water and an eight petal lotus is drawn in front of the altar with red color rice (rice smeared with vermilion).

Hanuman’s idol or picture is installed on the eighth petal and pujas are offered to Hanuman praying for the welfare of the family. Red flowers, red cloth and sweets are offered to Hanuman.

During the puja, 21 laddus are offered to Hanuman and they are distributed to learned Brahmans after the puja. The observers take only one meal on the fasting day. Spicy, gourmet and salty food are avoided on the day. The Tuesday fast must be observed in line for 21 weeks continuously. On the final day, Udyapan is done and 21 Brahmans are fed on the day or alternatively charity is done at a temple.

Mangalvar Vrat Story
Once there lived a Brahman Nanda and his wife Sunanda. They had all riches but did not have any issues. Sunanda observed fasting on Tuesdays and worshipped Hanuman very diligently with lot of faith.

Once when she forgot offering worship to Hanuman on Tuesday due to heavy work, she realized her mistake and fasted for the whole week till she offered food to him the next Tuesday.

Hanuman was pleased with her devotion and blessed her with a girl child names Swarnalatha who gave gold from her eighth limb every day. Nanda was very greedy and due to the fear of losing the gold given by her daughter, he was reluctant to get her married.

Sunanda persistently urged her husband to find a suitable groom for their daughter. Finally they find a wonderful groom named Someshwar. After the marriage, the couple were sent to their home and due to his greed, Nanda arranged to murder his son in law so that the daughter would come back home to give the gold once again.

However, Swarnalatha was not willing to come back and she wished to enter the pyre of her husband and give up her life. Pleased with her devotion, Mangal Dev appeared in front of her and granted her two boons.

Swarnalatha asked that her husband is brought back to life. Through another boon, she asked that the observers of Tuesday fasting shall be given wonderful benefits. Mangal Dev fulfilled both these requests and the girl lived happily forever with her husband finally entering the heavens with him.

The observance of Mangalvar fasting vrat is known to bestow enormous wealth, health, prosperity and children in the family. The observers shall attain higher designations in the workplace and secure all their professional ambitions.

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